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IE OnlineSM is the quick and easy document ordering and alerting service that lets you browse and search the Table of Contents (TOC) of more than 17,000 journal titles from the IE Bravo and Select Collections. You may order article reprints from any of the titles listed.

Search by journal title, article title, subject, author name and more! If you'd like to know which journal titles we cover, you may browse www.ieonline.com as a guest, or send us an e-mail at [email protected]

Save time with IE Online's electronic alerting service. You'll be notified by e-mail when new issues of your selected periodicals arrive, with the Table of Contents sent directly to your e-mail, personal IE web account, or both. Keyword and author alerting are also available - plus canned alerts for your institution's most requested titles.

You may order paper or electronic documents simply by clicking on the citations. Electronic full text delivery is available for selected titles. For details, please check the IE web site or call Service Quality at 1-650-812-3588. IE Online also lets you subscribe to either the print or electronic versions of its listed publications.

When you load your serials titles into IE Online's custom database, we can add your logo, graphics, and web links to give it your own library's look and feel. Custom features also include your order and help screens in addition to your reporting and work flow requirements.

Redirect Service
The IE Online system lets you direct article requests back to the requester's library, route them to designated third party, or send them to Information Express for fulfillment. Redirect Service maximizes the use of your own subscriptions while providing fast and efficient service to your patrons and end-users. To help reduce the cost of document delivery, volume discounts are applied to your redirect usage.

Free Trial
Qualified institutional users may register for IE Online TOC Redirect Service by calling Information Express at 1-650-812-3588, and receive a free 60-trial upon request.


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